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About Waste2Value



Waste management for economic and environmental sustainability

All industries have to deal with waste. Today, companies pay to recycle, incinerate or get their waste land-filled which is costly for both companies and environment. Much of this waste could be transformed into something valuable by other actors. The problem is that these two sides of the market have no easy way of finding each other.

In a larger setting: the problems of the linear ways of conducting business have become increasingly prominent, as seen in the climate changes, the decreasing amount of virgin resources as well as the volatile prices of today’s supply chains. The linear model of today equals a substantial amount of waste that is not being reused.



What is Waste2Value?

Waste2Value's mission is to become the digital marketplace for business to business trading with industrial waste; redefining waste management for economic and environmental sustainability. 

Waste2Value links buyer and seller of waste, lowers the cost for waste management and closes the loop for a Circular Economy. Our vision is to change industries' waste management and their view of their value chain on a global scale and ultimately eliminate the notion of waste.



How will we get there?

We want to become the first platform for trading with industrial waste between different industries in Sweden and in order to reach our goal, we will start within the building industry. The building industry has huge potential to improve their waste management and today they account for one third of all of Sweden's waste; 9 M tonnes in 2014 (Swedish Waste Management, 2016). At the same time, The EU Commission formed a law saying that 70 % of all waste within the building industry should be reused or recycled within 2020 (Environmental Protection Agency, 2016). The demand for solutions like Waste2Value is thus high. 


Total Waste generated in Sweden in 2014 (excluding mining waste)

Swedish Waste Management, 2016


Our Story


Waste2Value started when Linn and Isa conducted their master’s thesis within Circular Economy. During their work, they realized that the only way to go in order for a sustainable society is to prolong the lifetime of products and treasure the earth's resources. The idea of a marketplace for trading with industrial waste took form. Shortly after, they pitched the idea on CreateSquared, Sweden’s largest entrepreneurship marathon, and won. When Waste2Value thereafter also won Global Goal Entrepreneur, for its potential to realize the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it was evident that Waste2Value is here to stay. Today Linn investigates the opportunities for Waste2Value, and how cooperations can change their definition of waste.